Is my windshield damage covered?

Coverage for windshield damage is provided if the vehicle with the damage has comprehensive coverage. If your vehicle has comprehensive coverage, you may be eligible for coverage for repairable windshields at no additional cost. However, windshields that require replacement are subject to the comprehensive deductible specified on your policy for the specific vehicle. The amount we will pay towards a replacement is based on the remaining charges after the deductible has been satisfied.

If you have windshield damage and need assistance, please reach out to us at (801) 267-5001 or (800) 925-5177, option 3. By contacting us, you will be directly connected to one of our auto glass claim associates who will guide you through the claim process and provide the necessary support.

Rest assured that our team is here to assist you in resolving your windshield damage claim promptly and efficiently. We understand the importance of clear visibility and safety while driving, and we strive to provide the necessary coverage and support to address your windshield repair or replacement needs.