Bear Care Home Repair Program

What is the bear care home repair program?

We created the Bear Care Home Repair Program to help make the home repair and disaster recovery process easier for our policyholders. Dealing with a flood, fire, or another major home disaster can be difficult and confusing, and selecting who you can trust to get your home back to new can be hard to do in those stressful moments.

After working with many repair contractors over the years, we have added the very best of them to our Bear Care Home program. These contractors have been vetted and proven by Bear River Mutual to ensure that they provide the highest quality and prompt service and repairs. Their work is guaranteed, and we stand behind their warranties.

A few advantages of using a bear care contractor for your home repairs

Convenience – There is no need to have a third party appraise your home’s damage. When a Bear Care Home Repair contractor comes to your home, the required appraisal is pre-approved by Bear River Mutual, and they can schedule to begin your repairs. We will take care of all communication and issues directly with them, so you can relax knowing that your home is in good hands and will be taken care of. With over 20 Bear Care Home Repair contractors across the state of Utah, access to one of our select partners is convenient.

Peace-of-Mind – We guarantee the work of our Bear Care Home Repair program contractors for three years. If you choose your own contractor, we cannot guarantee their work.

Speed – Because of our relationship with these contractors, the communication and repair process begins quickly, ensuring you have your home back like it was much sooner. 

Quality – We have closely measured and monitored the work of our Bear Care Home contractors for many years, and they have earned our utmost trust and confidence. Customer satisfaction scores for those who use a preferred contractor are, on average, significantly higher than those who do not. 

Efficiency – Additional damage found during the process won’t hold up your repairs. Our Bear Care Home contractors are authorized to repair all claim-related damage they discover, even beyond the initial estimate.

The choice is always yours

Who you select to repair your home is your decision. You should never feel pressured to use a contractor that you are not comfortable with. If you are unsure, feel free to ask your independent Bear River Mutual agent for help in the process. Because of the many benefits to you, we will almost always suggest using a Bear Care partner contractor for all of your claims-related repairs.

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Layne Salmond
I was told Bear River was hard to work with and fights to not pay claims. However, that was not my experience. I think that main complaint comes from those that aren't preferred roofers or contractors of Bear River, because Bear River does really prefer to work with their people they trust and can get good rates to do the work. Bear River just sends an adjuster (in this case for roof damage), and they made a reasonable and appropriate assessment, and they were quick to get the work covered and done. I'll stay with Bear River for a long long time from this experience.
Nick Zullo
Recently, a deer came out of nowhere and hit the side of my car. It crossed the street and raced up a hill and didn't slow down. It was huge and I don't think it was hurt at all. With thousands of dollars of damage to the left rear door all the way back to the rear bumper, we decided to ask our Bear River agent for help. We ended up paying only our $250 comprehensive deductible and had a free rental car for the 10 days it took to complete the repair. The collision shop knew Bear River and together they took care of everything. I felt peace throughout the experience. It is very nice to be with such a highly respected insurance company!
Wayne Balle
Bear River and their contractor, BluSky, were very professional in their approach to our home's damage. Rather than seeking a minimal approach to repair damage sustained over many years, they saw the project holistically and sought a solution that would leave our house looking new and refreshed. The siding sub-contractor was detail-oriented and saw their work as a reflection of who they are. We couldn't be more pleased with the value received from our claim. Well done.
Mike St. Clair
A Bear River Mutual client backed into my car coming out of his parking place as I was driving past. It was determined he was at fault and Bear River Mutual handled the repair of my car, providing a rental for the time it was in the shop. They did it quickly, following up consistently to make sure it was progressing and being done in a professional matter. They let me use my preferred collision repair shop. Everything went well and I was impressed!
Dave McNeill
When a kid drove into the back of my brand new custom-ordered Kia EV6 while I was stopped on the freeway with all 6 lanes of traffic, his insurance company was a royal pain to work with, even though I was parked almost next to the UHP officers working on the first accident when the kid hit me, and it was CLEARLY the kid's fault. It took them over 3 months to decide my car was totaled, and they offered me 2/3 of what I had paid for it a month before the accident. So, on the advice of my Bear River agent, I called Bear River Claims. They paid me almost what I paid for the car, and went after the kid's insurance and the kid to get the rest - and I didn't have to lift a finger. The agent and the adjuster were so good to work with - it only took them a week to see the car was totaled and another week to get me my check so I could replace my car.
Edin Odobasic
I’ve been a customer with Bear River for 20+ years. Recently had a wind damage to my roof. I had a claim and they responded fast and paid for my roof to get replaced. Tracy was great to work with.
Leon Ross
Do you want to be unfazed by insurance commercials? Do you want responsive agents, expert advice at your fingertips, and an insurance company who is truly in your corner? Look no further. These are your people.My mother has been with them since I can remember, and I've been involved with one policy or another since I was 16. My agent, James Pratt, has been with me, literally, through growing up---managing insurance policies for new cars, (the resulting tickets of those new cars, which was much cheaper than I'd feared) purchasing renter's insurances, and has always ensured the day-to-day functions are completely taken care of. He is so friendly, professional, and knows exactly what he is doing. I am confident that I am both getting the best rates, because he truly cares about his clients, and also the best service.This company feels small in a sense that is comforting in a world in which seems to be getting bigger and faster every second, and they have consistently stayed that way. They are gem hidden in plain sight.
Scott Buckley
I had an amazing experience with my most recent claim I had with Bear River (I know, insurance company and I said "amazing experience"). I recently totaled my vehicle (sad day) and Bear River quickly processed my claim and reached a fair settlement with me. The only complaint that I have is that you have to work with multiple adjusters for the same claim. For example, I had one adjuster that took care of the actual claim and then another to work with me on medical issues. I think that they should just have one adjuster work on the same claim. I believe it would make the process smother, less complicated and less confusing. But my overall experience was definitely five stars and I would recommend them to my family and friends.
Jacqui Beckford (Jacqui's Creative Designs)
Love them, the rate is going on over the years and I have had no problems when I have the other insurance companies that will increase my insurance without even telling me Steven when I had no accident. Bear River mutual insurance doesn't do that
Mark Widmer
We switched to Bear River Mutual about 2 years ago. We recently purchased a new car and in the first we were in a wreck. It was really a horrible situation. The team at Bear River were truly amazing helping us through the process and we think they were generous in providing a settlement. The best insurance company we have worked with in the past 40 years.
Marisa Wilson
They are the best insurance company. I love that they are local, and I truly consider Andy a friend. He always answers his phone and responds quickly. He looks our for me and my family. We have been with this company for years.
Mark Dayley
My wife and I have been with Bear River for around 30 years without a single claim (other than windshield chip repairs). We then suffered wind damage with unusually strong wind storms (2) and I shyly submitted a claim. Bear River came through and took great care of us. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
Fran Henriquez
Quick service and very trustworthy... I am very happy with bear river mutual in resolving my claim. I highly recommend them . This is the first time I had to put a claim in using this insurance. They were very easy to work with and explained everything so I could understand.
Charles Beckmann
I've loved being a customer of Bear River for home insurance for over 10 years. However, after a single bad year of us having a number of claims for some plumbing, mold and other issues, Bear River opted to not renew our policy for 2024. I understand the calculation for underwriting policies that a smaller company like Bear River has to make, but we were disappointed that Bear River chose to part ways with us after covering our issues this last year.
Pascal Langevin
Bear River's service was quick and professional. They took care of communications with the garage and the rental company. Their service totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
Richardson Team
When our home flooded, we were devastated. Our claims specialist was sympathetic, helpful, and very responsive throughout the entire process. She made things so much easier and helped get our home put back together in a timely manner. We are so grateful for Bear River Mutual and their employees.
Nikkie Stone
Bear River and our rep, Jayden at Bear River is amazing. He is always there for us. He always picks up the phone. He has saved us over $1000 a month with his comments on how we can save. We converted our home owners insurance with him because him and Bear River does such a great job. The coverage is amazing. They never cut corners and the end products always are 5 star. Thx for all your help Jayden.
Brian Stanley
I have had a great experiences working with Bear River Insurance on a few claims over the last 10years. They have been professional, informative and helped me through a difficult situation with getting the our cars taken care of. I would highly recommend Bear River. We have been with Bear River for 15+ years and have all of our vehicles that they cover (they don't cover UTV's or Boats) with them including our home owners insurance. thanks for the great service and prices.
Glenn Fassmann
Unfortunately, I had a claim on my car insurance; however, Bear River made the process quick and easy. I had a person I could call about the claim anytime and when I called them, I was able to get meaningful answers. The insurance claim payment was very fair and we were able to complete the entire claim process in less than 3 weeks. This included estimates on the damage, decisions by the claim adjuster and receiving the check. I never heard from the other parties in the claim, so I would assume their claims were also satisfied.
Maa Notoa
I had left a bad review to begin with but my mind and heart has changed. I was able to get in contact with Brandon, Nathan’s supervisor and we settled things for the better. I appreciate Bear River for calling me back about my review and making sure the problem gets resolved. I appreciate their help and making sure that as a claimant I get what I deserve. I wish them nothing but success in the future!🤙🏾
Heather Hodges
What can I say other than YOU'RE ALL AMAZING!!! I've only been with you since I was 16! Best prices, best agents, best customer service, THE ABSOLUTE BEST at insurance! After my car was totalled (not my fault!), I called in to file my claim. The process was so easy and hassle free! The team I worked with took care of everything, and I was in another vehicle of my own 8 days later! That's incredible! It's been that way for every claim I've ever had! Thank you for being the BEST with the GREATEST PEOPLE!!!
Walter Hammond
Working with my claims adjuster at Bear River has been a great experience. She has been professional and so helpful, as well as showing true care and concern for what we are going through. I would recommend Bear River to everyone!
Walter G
I have used Bear River for many years. The rates are good and when I had a claim, It was taken care of quickly and painlessly. I call my agent Josh every year to make sure I am getting the best rates. Most of the times he is able to do so but he also is understanding when I have to use another carrier.
Joseph Harman
I have been with Bear River Mutual for many years. My experience has been very good. I have compared their rates with other companies, and find they have the best rates available. I have experienced serval accidents during my time with Bear River Mutual. Their response has always been timely and helpful. I recently had such an experience with my pickup truck. Once again, I was reminded why I stay with Bear River. Their friendly and timely service to me was greatly appreciated. I was provided with a rental car while my repair was completed and my truck is once again good as new. Thanks Bear River.