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Renters Insurance

The landlord of your apartment or rental home has insurance, but it likely only covers the building itself. Your belongings and liabilty for accidents are your own responsibilty. That’s where Renters Insurance steps in. If your posessions are damaged or stolen, renters insurance can cover those losses. And if there is an accident or injury in your unit, Renters Insurance is there to help cover you if you are named in a lawsuit. You work hard for your personal possessions – don’t let renting be a reason that you aren’t fully protected.

Always check with your agent to understand the specific coverage, limitations and exclusions of any policy.


Personal Property:

Personal property owned by the renter is covered for loss (theft, damage, destruction) under a Renters Policy, no matter the location. In addition, the personal property of guests in your property may also be covered.

Loss of Use:

If the property you live in should become uninhabitable for whatever reason, necessary increases in living expenses are covered by Renters insurance.

Additional Coverages:

Other coverage under a Renters can include debris removal, repairs, trees & shrubs, etc. See your agent for other coverage details.


Direct physical loss to the property is also insured against certain named perils. Fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, smoke, vandalism, theft are just some of the perils for which a Renters policy can provide coverage. Your agent can give you a complete list.