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Umbrella Insurance

Liability insurance on your home and auto policies is a great start—but based on your circumstances, you may need additional liability protection against unexpected events. Umbrella insurance provides an extra level of liability coverage. If you already have your home and auto policies with Bear River Mutual, we can write umbrella liability limits of $1 million or $2 million. Your independent agent can determine whether umbrella insurance is appropriate for you and help you meet our underwriting requirements.



An Umbrella policy will pay damages on behalf of an insured, subject to certain exclusions and limits of liability. Contact your agent to discuss specific definitions.

Certain Lawsuits:

Umbrella policies can cover costs to defend a lawsuit and certain other legal costs incurred should you be sued should your primary insurance not cover those expenses. These may included costs for counsel, interest, bonds and investigation. See your agent for specific coverage and limitations.

Other Considerations:

Call your agent today to find out how Umbrella Insurance can help protect you above and beyond what your normal insurance policy can cover.