Can I adjust the amount of coverage for my home insurance? If so, how can I make changes?

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to modify the coverage amount for your home insurance. If you are making improvements to your home, such as adding an extension, finishing your basement, or upgrading any other part of your property, it is crucial to ensure that your coverage aligns with the new value of your home.

To make changes to your coverage amount, simply reach out to your agent. They are there to assist you throughout the process and can provide guidance on adjusting your coverage to reflect any updates or renovations that may impact the value of your home.

At Bear River Mutual, we understand that your home is a valuable asset, and it is important to protect it adequately. By regularly reviewing and adjusting your coverage amount, you can ensure that you have the appropriate level of protection in place.

We encourage you to contact your agent whenever you make changes to your home that might affect its value. They will work with you to update your coverage and ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your home is adequately insured.

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