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Covid-19 Information

Your May 2020 Stay Safe, Stay Home Dividend 

Bear River Mutual is giving its members an additional “Stay Safe, Stay Home” policyholder dividend of 15% of
their May 2020 auto premium. This follows a similar dividend of 15% of their April 2020 auto premium.

These dividends are possible because the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive from our Utah government leaders
has resulted in our members driving less. Less driving has resulted in fewer accidents and their associated
costs. We are returning the benefit of the reduced costs with our members in the form of policyholder

We all continue to be impacted by COVID-19 in various and unprecedented ways. Utah has not been immune to
the associated challenges of this virus and we have continued working together to help protect ourselves and
each other from its effects by staying home more and driving less.

Bear River Mutual will return $1.9 million in dividends to our members in Utah for the month of May. This is in
addition to the $1.8 million in dividends returned to our members for the month of April.

Like April, the May dividend will be credited back to each member’s auto policy based on the amount of
premium in effect for the month. Members with a balance due on their payment plan will receive a credit
on their next billing statement. Members with no balance due will receive a refund check.

Utah is Different
As we compare what has happened in Utah to the rest of the nation and world, we have many reasons to be
thankful for the leadership, economy, lifestyle, and resiliency of our state. Our experience in Utah, in many
ways, has been much better than the rest of the United States.
• As of May 7, 2020, Utah ranks 5th in the nation for the fewest deaths per million
• Utah has the lowest number of deaths per confirmed case of COVID-19
• Utah has the lowest percentage of unemployed in the nation at 9.6%


Other information related to our COVID-19 response: 


We are continuing to assist our policyholders with their billing needs on an individual basis. For members who have maintained a good payment history, this may include waiving a reinstatement fee, a bounced check fee, offering alternative payment options, or protecting a Prompt Payer discount. Our Customer Care team can be reached at 801-267-5000 to help you should you need billing assistance. 


Bear River Mutual will provide coverage at no additional charge under our auto policy when an insured driver is employed by and engaged in residential delivery of food or medical supplies on behalf of a restaurant, grocery store, pharmacy, or medical supplier impacted by COVID-19. 


Now is a great time to take advantage of the value of working with an independent agent. Your agent can help evaluate and discuss the need for any changes in coverage due to the consequences of the COVID-19 community response. There may be several opportunities for savings due to your change in driving behavior.