About Bear River Mutual

Bear River Mutual Insurance Company is Utah’s oldest mutual property and casualty insurance company. The company was organized July 1, 1909 in the Northern Utah farming community of Garland along the banks of the Bear River. Formed shortly after Garland was founded, the company was formed to help local farmers obtain insurance at more affordable rates than Utah’s other companies offered.

The founders of the company realized that if they pooled their resources among a select group of insured, with similar values and characteristics, they could not only lessen the financial uncertainties that can come from a property or casualty loss, but also lessen the cost of that protection. Learn more about Mutual Companies.

Where Values Count

At Bear River Mutual, values have always guided the way we conduct ourselves and our  business. These values of integrity, honesty, hard work and service to community are the same values and pioneering spirit that helped settle the American West. Over our first century in business, times may have changed, but our dedication to these values has always served as the cornerstone of our company. Our slogan, “Where Values Count,” is a reflection of our past, present and future. It’s what distinguishes Bear River Mutual from other insurance companies.

Since Bear River Mutual only offers insurance in Utah, our policyholders work with local people on a one-to-one basis. This ensures the highest-quality personalized service available. Personal auto, homeowners, fire and umbrella insurance claims are always processed in a fair and responsive manner.